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Important information: AMP Home Loans and Kiwibank are amalgamating

AMP Home Loans Limited (a subsidiary company of Kiwibank) and Kiwibank Limited are amalgamating (in other words, merging together) on 18 December 2020. AMP Home Loans Limited and Kiwibank Limited will continue as one company – Kiwibank Limited – from this date.

Frequently asked questions

What does the amalgamation mean for me?

Initially, nothing except that:

  • Kiwibank will be the creditor under your AMP Home Loans loan.
  • If you have a revolving (flexi flat) portion or a variable component to your home loan, the standard interest rates for those components will become the equivalent Kiwibank rates and your repayment amounts will be updated accordingly.
  • All terms and conditions that apply to your home lending and your relationship with AMP Home Loans will continue to apply.

Over the next few months, we'll be migrating all AMP Home Loans customers across to Kiwibank systems. This involves changing your access and account number to Kiwibank numbers. We'll be in touch with you after the amalgamation has happened to let you know what to expect from the migration.

If you have a guarantor, we'll be writing to them separately to let them know about all of these changes.

Our goal is to have all customers migrated to Kiwibank systems by 31 March 2021.

Will the migration change my home lending?

If you have a:

  • Variable or revolving rate on your home loan: Your interest rate will have already changed to align with Kiwibank's standard interest rates by the time of migration
  • Fixed or variable home loan: There could be minor changes to your total lending amount and repayments as we migrate them onto a Kiwibank account. This is because we'll need to recalculate the repayments as you transfer. The repayment amount changes based on the number of days remaining and the number of repayments until your loan is repaid. We'll be in touch to let you know of any changes.
  • Flexi Flat home loan: We'll migrate you onto a similar Kiwibank account and if you currently have a credit balance on your home loan, we'll be in touch closer to your migration date to discuss options for other types of accounts that earn interest.
  • Flexi Reducing portion to your home loan: Unfortunately Kiwibank can't offer an equivalent to the Flexi Reducing portion of your home loan, so we'll be in touch in December to discuss other options for redocumenting your home loan.

When will my AMP Home Loans account migrate across?

The migration will happen between January and the end of March 2021. We'll be in touch with you to discuss this, so you have time to make changes to any loan or bill payments.

Once we've been in touch, we'll schedule a suitable time to migrate across.

Does my home loan have to migrate?

Unfortunately, after 31 March 2021, Kiwibank can no longer support customers on AMP Home Loans' systems so we'll need to migrate you across to Kiwibank systems before this date.

Can I migrate now?

The migration will happen between January and the end of March 2021. If you want to migrate earlier, you can give us a call on 0800 629 006 to request this, however this depends on resources being available to migrate you across earlier.

What's involved in the migration?

First, we'll give you a call or send a letter asking you to get in touch with us to schedule a date to move your account. We'll then set up your new account and provide you with a new access number.

We'll discuss options to make changes to your direct debits and automatic payments – you may need to provide proof of your ID which will require you to visit a Kiwibank branch.

If you have an EFTPOS/ATM card issued by AMP Home Loans, we'll discuss replacing this with a Kiwibank EFTPOS/ATM card. We'll also ask you to provide a signature for your account.

If you have a loan that's already paid off, we'll discuss other account options with you and whether we can discharge your mortgage, which we can arrange for you at our cost.

Will my terms and conditions change?

When we migrate your AMP Home Loans home loan to Kiwibank's system:

The key differences between the AMP Home Loans Terms & Conditions and the Kiwibank Home Loan Terms & Conditions are:

  • What happens to your payments if your interest rate changes: If you have a variable component and Kiwibank's variable interest rate decreases, your regular payments for that variable component will remain the same but you'll pay off the variable component over a shorter term (see clause 15 of the Kiwibank Home Loan Terms & Conditions).
  • No interest on credit balances on any revolving portions: If you have a revolving portion and you have a credit balance on it, you'll no longer receive interest on that balance (see clause 15 of the Kiwibank Home Loan Terms & Conditions).
  • Contact details and notices: You'll need to contact Kiwibank for information about your home loan, including copies of Kiwibank's Personal and Business Banking General Terms & Conditions and the list of Kiwibank's current fees. You can do this at your nearest Kiwibank branch, online at or by calling any of the numbers listed in the Kiwibank Home Loan Terms & Conditions.

The key differences between the AMP Home Loans General Terms & Conditions and the Kiwibank Personal and Business Banking General Terms & Conditions are:

  • Kiwibank's Privacy Policy will apply to you: It's available online at (see clause 4 of the Kiwibank Personal and Business Banking General Terms & Conditions).
  • Contacting you about suitable products: Kiwibank will be able to contact you if they think there are better-suited products for your needs than the ones you are currently using (see clause 7 of the Kiwibank Personal and Business Banking General Terms & Conditions).
  • Unauthorised disclosure or use of your card: You'll need to tell Kiwibank immediately if the details on any card issued to you (such as card number and expiry date) have or might have been disclosed to an unauthorised party – or if the account your card is linked to has been used without authorisation (see clause 35 of the Kiwibank Personal and Business Banking General Terms & Conditions).

AMP Home Loan documents

AMP Fees and Limits Brochure (PDF 1.6MB) – effective 1 December 2020

AMP General Terms and Conditions (PDF 307KB) – effective 1 December 2020

Home Loan Terms and Conditions (PDF 173KB) – effective from 17 December 2018

View previous Terms & Conditions and Brochures.

AEOI Self-Certification Forms

AEOI Self-Certification for an Entity Account Holder (PDF 241KB)

AEOI Self-Certification for an Individual/Controlling Person (PDF 152KB)

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